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Oscars Night is about to roll out red carpets and give out golden awards in just a few hours, 6000-something members of the Academy have been watching movies, voting and posting ballots since last November, Studios and Majors have been wheeling and dealing to promote their movies and help their way crossing Los Angeles’ Kodak Theatre‘s aisle on February 24th: a big game for big players, as one might imagine.

But this year, among the big players bringing in their big movies, one “small” title shines as bright as a beautiful lighthouse in the middle of the last surviving sea: Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Hard to sum up with words this delicate tale of myths and survival. Not survival of things, neither of living species, but survival of the bare essence on which life builds upon.

So, I will not go on weaving words on this “small” jewel, which on sunday will stand tall and proud against the “big” film industry players and their marketing & pr almighty machines in 4 Academy Awards categories (best director for Benh Zeitlin, best actress for Quvenzhane Wallis, best adapted screenplay and best film), I will rather urge everyone to see it.

Holding hands with 6 years old Hushpuppy, the movie’s main character, one cannot help but to explore a range of emotions as deep and varied as the effortless complexities of an entire world on the verge of extinction and ultimately discover how, more often than not, true greatness is found in apparent “small-ness”.

According to polls Beasts of the Southern Wild stands very little chance to bring home film-land’s most prestigious Award, nevertheless I cannot help thinking how wonderful it would be if monday morning we could all wake up in a world where the big players and their almighty power machines for once would have had to bow in front of the overwhelming force found in “small” things.

Beast of the Southern Wild, the small film standing against movie giants, deserves Hollywood’s emperors simultaneous bow at its red-carpeted passage in the californian golden mecca of Cinema on sunday, as it will bring the beaming light of greatness amongst the high ranking priests of fame.

Will Oscar’s kiss seal the rarity of such a moment? I certainly hope so.

Beasts of the Southern Wild trailer


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