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KATE 3D and the fine art of slow motion.

The Fashion Film movement has found its new prophet and its lavish muse! Ballie Walsh and Kate Moss have once again teamed up to create magic. After the much talked about Olographic film for Alexander McQueen (RIP) in 2006, the pair got back on the same film set to deliver enthralling beauty in the KM3D-1 film for AnOther Magazine.

but what’s so special about it?

first and foremost the slow motion, that warps the pace of time to an everlasting ode to timeless beauty. The result is mesmerising. So much so that one forgets even about the 3D effect, which in comparison to the slowmo trick, becomes just another gimmick, only good for PR purposes.

In fact, it seems that slow motion is the must of the season in Fashion Film land. YSL new promo, also makes large use of it, but not with the same results.

In KM3D-1 the slowmo effect brings the whole aesthetics to a new level. It almost captures the essence of beauty, which is by nature suspended in time, between earthy transience and godly impenetrable semblance.

The trick here lays in the advanced technical features of the state-of-the-art Phantom cameras and the use of an old movie technique called “overcranking“, which involves shooting at a higher frame per second rate and then playing the film at the normal speed. In this case the film was shot at 1.000 frames per second; considering that the normal rate is 24, the resulting speed is so slow that movement is almost imperceptible.

KM3D-1 goes straight in my top 10 greatest film slow motion moments (right along with Akira Kurosawa‘s Seven Samurai, the first Matrix and the amazing explosion scene in Scorsese‘s Casino!)

here goes Kate M, the slowmo goddess:

and the making of:

and a bonus: the Ologram Kate, 2006 (for Alexander McQueen)


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